about me

I'm a Brazilian born and raised, entrepreneur since 14, creative since always, and Life Changer since I can't remember. My dream is to prove that realities can change if we decide to work and make it change. I had a hard childhood in every single way, but I didn't let the situations define my future. I chose to go after the life I wanted to build, and that brought me to America, which has been my home since 2014. Since then, I started this amazing journey to restart my life here, to find myself over and over again, and to grow as a human being. I also started breaking free through sharing my truth.

To live an authentic life, you gotta stay true to who you are. To live intentionally, you gotta make conscious choices. To live by design, not by default, you gotta believe in yourself & your power to change.
— - Izabelle Azevedo

what else can I say?

I live in Washington, DC, so I made the Lincoln Memorial my happy place (I go there at night when I need to clear my head). I'm a feminist-in-progress, music is my fuel, I have a thing for pandas (they're the cutest), traveling is one of my big passions, and my favorites shows are Grey's Anatomy (since 2006!) and The Marvelous Mrs Maisel (can't wait to watch season 3!). I'm married, I have a cocker spaniel girl called Mel (Portuguese for honey), an accessories "business" (hobby!) called Miss Bossa Nova, and a real businesses: Red Skirt Media, where I’m not only the founder, but also the creative director and filmmaker helping female founders stand out in the crowd through visual storytelling. I believe that there's a difference between living and surviving. And I'm here to live. Are you? 

Now you know a lot about me. Don't forget to tell me a little about you