Age Is Just a Number

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It was my birthday last week. On Thanksgiving day, actually. And although I’d love to write about what I’m thankful for, I’m more interested in telling you why I think age is just a number. Wanna hear? Here it goes…

I grew up with this idea that women, who passed 30, were perfect adults who would not be allowed to wear silly outfits, curse, and should be happily married with kids. I started realizing this was ALL bullshit early, but the (limiting) beliefs around this idea were already there. With the help of my mother, of course, reinforcing the whole thing. Bad beliefs, growing like bad weed.

I noticed I changed. It took a while, but I did. There was (is) a conflict between who I am, and who I’m supposed to be. My behavior should follow my age. My wardrobe needs more ladylike outfits. And I need to watch my language, my instagram posts, and my posture. I miss my early 20s.

There’s pressure. A woman at 32 should have a diploma, a fat paycheck, and be out dating like there’s no tomorrow, or socializing with her married friends on weekends. I got none of that, but a brain telling me all the things I was supposed to have, making me feel bad for not having them. Even though I chose to be where I am. Our mind is tricky.

I talk to lots of women all the way through their 20s to early 30s, and I pay attention to the conversations on social media. There are, indeed, lots of expectations around - a woman’s - age (not men’s!) regarding career, relationship status, and yes -- behavior. Women are concerned about finding their purpose in life before 25, how much they should’ve accomplished by the age of 30, if they’ll be married with kids by 35. The list goes on.

But there are no deadlines. As long as you’re not committing any crimes, the rest is your choice. When and if you’re going to get married and have children, how much you’ll have in your savings account, or whether you’re building the career of your dreams at 24, or still exploring and trying to figure out what is it you love doing at 30. Choose your own priorities in life, and take your own damn time.

Our generation has the obligation to change this scenario for the ones to come. To take off the weight of the expectations. To stop this curse of shoulds and shouldn’ts. We’re allowed to draw our path, build our future, without anyone’s concern, without the pressure of age. Age is just a fucking number.

Next time you feel behind, remember: age is just a fucking number. #NewMantra

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