Where am I? What the Hell is This?

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Hey! Welcome to my little virtual world. Maybe you don’t know how you ended up here, but to tell you the truth, when I started my journey restarting my life I had no idea I’d end up here either - I just knew I needed to make a living doing something I enjoy. Sounds clichê, I know. But it’s true.  

I’m Izabelle Azevedo- creative, Life Changer, Planner & Strategist, founder of The Lifestyle Manifesto & Sua Vida Desenhada (lifestyle design coaching), stylish & stylist as a hobby, explorer & challenge seeker. My core desire feelings: Freedom, Creation & Growth.

I don’t know why you’re here reading this right now, but I want to say thank you, first of all. And I want to ask you this: how much of intention is there when you set your goals, plan your days? Would you say you’re making conscious choices, or letting life choose for you? This is something I’ll be talking about here, on my podcast, on my channel, Instagram, and every place I can find to add my voice.

I’ve been designing my life for over a decade, and learning how to live intentionally since last year. Mind blowing, groundbreaking, life-saver. When you think you have freedom, you see that you’re just starting and there’s so much more to see, do & be.


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Once again, thank you.

If you read all this, deep inside, you’re a seeker.