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We share our happy pictures, sassy poses, outfits and inspirational quotes. We try to curate our lives through curating our perfect social media feed. We woke up like this, made our bed and ate clean. Flawless. But how about those days when getting up is hard, when you don’t feel ok, when you eat that huge piece of cake, and you don’t remember when was the last time you shaved?

There’s pressure. And with all the inner battles each of us have to face, to navigate, on a daily basis, still, we’re living in a time where people would rather post their farts than talk about their real feelings. And even though we say we want sincerity, we roll our eyes when someone shares their truth.

So on that, on sharing our truth, I’m here to ask: how much is too much?

There’s power in vulnerability. I experienced it myself. But I still step back whenever I feel the urge to speak up. And I debate with my own angels and demons, what if I say it? What if I share it? Am I going to screw things up? Am I going to need to hide my head in a hole and skip life for the next few weeks or months? Is this going to harm, damage my reputation (if I have any)? Is it going to hurt my mental health?

Is it going to hurt my mental health… or is it going to empower and help someone who needs to hear or read this?

I asked myself many times. I asked my husband. My therapist. My gods and muse. And the Universe. I got answers, I got signs. And even my muse showed up (clearly, because I’m writing). And even though the answer is yes, I should speak up and advocate for this. I still am afraid. Because I just don’t know how much is too much. I just haven’t set the boundaries on this truth speaking thing. Although I think if you’re holding boundaries, maybe you’re not saying everything? Therefore, if you’re not sharing the whole story, you’re not saying the truth?

Is it complicated? Or am I making it sound more of an issue than it should?
And… if there’s a such thing as purpose in life, what if this is mine?

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month.
& I really want to speak up. But seriously… how much is too much?


When a woman says the truth, she is creating the possibility for more truth around her.
- Adrienne Rich, American poet & feminist

- Miss Izabelle
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