Bucket List - 15 Things To Do Before Summer Dies

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I decided to make a bucket list. I mean… a summer bucket list, so I can move on to dear Fall without regretting the things I didn’t do. Making a list helps with planning and not forgetting. Especially because we’re half way through June already!

But first things first. What’s a bucket list?

So you know all the things you want to do and achieve before you die? Like get that tattoo, get drunk in Vegas (or get a tattoo while drunk in Vegas), travel to Paris, meet Oprah, become the president of the United States? Well, all the realistic or crazy stuff you wanna do, they all go down to this list. Today, I’m sharing with you mine, but with things I wanna do before SUMMER dies…

Every day of your life is a blank page. Do you agree? And YOU have the pen to write on it, either you choose it or not, the chapters of your own story. I’ve been trying to be more intentional about mine. Every day, with all my choices ~ but that’s a talk for another time.

Although we can (and should) make memories, have new experiences, and collect stories all year long, summer has a different taste - and a whole wardrobe of possibilities, let me just say. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not that we should live our lives waiting for it, the same way we should not live for weekends! But summer is summer. And we all want and should enjoy it like it’s limited edition because hello! Winter is coming… I mean, time is flying.

The past two summers I felt like I didn’t do much (although I did travel!). I wanted to do more around DC, go to new places, and do different things. If I don’t write it down, it won’t happen. I’m not sure if you feel the same, but hey… what if it gets you inspired anyway?

Here’s my Summer Bucket List 2018:

1. Spend some time in NYC
2. Go to Jazz in the Garden in DC
3. Go inside the water at the beach (I never do it)
4. Take a road trip w/ hubby and puppy
5. Have friends over
6. Drink beer at a rooftop bar in the City
7. Take hubby to a museum in DC
8. Read 2 books
9. Go see a Nats game
10. Eat (dairy free) ice cream while watching the sunset
11. Explore a new place in Maryland
12. Go to a drive-in movie
13. Go see Ocean’s 8 (done √)
14. Find 3 cool events to go in DC or NY
15. Go to a nice brunch that has bottomless mimosas!

Let's say this is a "smart way to YOLO" - instead of doing something every weekend just to say you're "enjoying your summer" (which you aren't necessarily), you can commit to making memories and having experiences that will help you grow. Real stories, not only the ones you post to your Insta...

Life is short, and we want it all. A list can help! ;)

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Now let's all remember one thing: it doesn't matter the season, the weather, or place, the intention we set is what can really make our day. 

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