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Our mission is to help & empower you to create & build the life you desire & deserve...

. . .Because there's a difference between living & surviving. (watch video below)

Live by design, not by default

Our 4 Manifestos for you to live life your way...

We believe that you’re free to build and live life your way.
We believe your passions are part of who you are, and you shouldn’t be afraid to embrace them.
We believe that finding meaning will lead you to a life of fulfillment.
We believe that the choices you make shape your future and you need to be aware of it.

But why are we here...

I believe you’re free to choose the way you want to live your life.
I want to build a community of women who are waking up to take control of their own lives. Breaking free to start living a life on their own terms.

I chose to be the author of my own story, and live life by choice, not by default. Now I want to help you do the same: see your possibilities, create the life you want, so you can be & live your best.

Where to Start...

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TLM Inner Circle is a portal with exclusive content: insights & practices to help you design your life. By signing up you’ll get access to an exclusive area where the content is released + receive our weekly newsletter. It’s free, and the goal is to build a community of women who are seeking information and empowerment to create & life their own way. Just sign up here.

The Lifestyle

workbook & ebook

5 practices to design a life with balance
— free workbook

Balance ain’t got nothing to do with perfection. And with this ~ free ~ workbook I’ll give you 5 practices to design a life with balance. Don’t believe me? Come get it here.

“Living By Choice — First Steps To Live
Life Your Way” — free ebook

There’s a difference between living and surviving. With this ebook you’ll get insights + exercises/practices that will help you break free to create & live life on your own terms, by choice (or by design), not by default. It’s based on my own life experiences, and also on everything I’ve been learning for the past 10 years of practicing lifestyle design. Download it here - because your life ain’t a to-do list!

Free Guide To Goal Setting That Works

Dreamlist is a free e-course that will guide you through a way of goal setting that actually works, so you start taking your dreams & ambitions to the next level — it’s free, powerful, and it’ll get you one step up to start changing your life. Get it here.

1:1 coaching programs

I also got a few programs to help you break free & thrive as the architect of your life. From planning to confidence boost to accountability - I'm here to make sure you are on the right track to create the life you want ~ and to keep your eyes on the prize! For programs & rates, check below.

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1:1 Coaching programs & rates

TLM Method

The Lifestyle Manifesto Method is a program where you’ll start to gain awareness & clarity. We’ll see what’s working, what isn’t, and what kind of life you desire. From there, we'll set goals, a plan, and start making the changes you need, so you can begin building that life, and your own journey on #LivingByDesign, not by default.
Contact me here for a free 30 min chat to learn more about the program, and to see if it’s the right fit for you.
& don’t worry, it isn’t a sales call. I’d hate that too!
~ 6 weeks, $1097

IG new (4).png

The Routine Fix (TRF)

Ok. Let's get real... do you feel like 24 hours ain't enough? Are you frustrated with your routine, habits, and you think you could actually improve your schedule / time spending / life? Think of me as your "financial coach" - but for your time, not money. TRF is a one-on-one program where I'll be with you, planning and holding you accountable, for 4 weeks. We'll have 4 calls + emails & text support, because my goal is to help you kick the self-sabotage & increase your quality of life through fixing your routine. Questions? Come learn more about TRF here. Or go straight to the application form here.
~ Investment: $887

Accountability Calls

What? You need an accountability partner?
You found it!
Let me hold you accountable with weekly calls where I'll not only to keep you motivated, but also to help you with strategy when needed. This is a cool feature I added with a very special price - only $50 for a focused, strategic & fun 30 minute call.
P.S.: This is offered for students who finished any of our programs or have been to any of our workshops as, let's say a "continuing education" option.

ambitious women

Ambition Unlock

Hang out with me, become the doer you're meant to be.
Yes! Ambition is beautiful, and it fits SO good on you! Don't believe it? Let me show you. With my "Ambition Unlock" program I'll help you believe in yourself, take your self-esteem to the roof, AND seriously unlock your ambitions, so you can start living the life you deserve & desire! I'm here for you.
~ 4 weeks, $607

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