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Hey, I'm miss Izabelle. 

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"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style." - Maya Angelou

I’m a challenge seeker, truth speaker, and explorer of possibilities. I'm also a multi-passionate entrepreneur, creative, writer, and author of my own story. I believe that there's a difference between living & surviving. I’m on a journey to live my best creative & intentional life, and my commitment is with the truth. ~ Read more 

P.S.: All my projects are inside this website. I can't limit myself. & why should I?
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"you gotta listen
to that voice that's
whispering inside you."


what i do

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I write

This is how I express myself & deal with everything. I write - and you can read my articles here on my blog or all around my posts on my Instagram. There are deep, funny & weird stuff, but they all have one thing in common: my truth that I hope will inspire you to find & live yours. Sign up here to get the updates every other Friday.


I teach

There're only a few things that fire me up, and teaching is one of them. That's why I became a certified Personal & Professional Coach (CPPC) - so I could use my skills backed up with a methodology to help others accomplish their goals & change their lives. I teach/coach through 1:1 sessions & workshops. You can learn more here.


i create

I'm a creative. If you want me to define myself in one word, that's what I'll say. I'm also multi-passionate, so I use my creativity to create all sorts of things - from digital magazines to decoration to movies to accessories. Check out Red Skirt Media - my media boutique on a mission to help female founder stand out in the crowd.


I explore

I explore possibilities, scenarios & ideas. In every single way. You'll probably see me signing up for a new thing, studying a new topic, traveling somewhere new, or even building a new business. The sky is the limit, & you only got this one life to live - don't limit yourself.

Gifts for you

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FREE guide to goal setting that works

The Dreamlist is a 5 day coaching program, via email, where you’ll learn my technique to goal setting that works. It's free and you can sign up here.

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Every other Friday I send a “truthsletter” where I share some truth + a blog post + something interesting & news. of course. If you wanna hang out with me, sign up here.

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Living by design - first steps to live life your way

There’s a difference between living and surviving. With this ebook you’ll get insights + exercises/practices that will help you break free to create & live life on your own terms, by choice (or by design), not by default. Download it here - because your life ain’t a to-do list!

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5 Practices to design a life with balance - workbook

Balance ain’t got nothing to do with perfection. And with this ~ free ~ workbook I’ll give you 5 practices to design a life with balance. Don’t believe me? Come get it here.

work with me

1:1 coaching sessions

I offer a few different options for us to work one-on-one. From boosting your confidence to setting a productive routine to gaining clarity about your goals, the life you want, and even business. Right now I’m offering Life Design Coaching, you can check here.
If you think you’re looking for something different, you can contact me here.

workshops & events

Come hang out with me & have a life changing experience! My workshops gather strategy, creativity & my life experience to help you make your dream life a reality. Click here to learn more about my upcoming workshops & my TRF Group Sessions.

for brazilians

empreenda nos eua - Mentoria p/ mulheres

Para brasileiras que moram nos EUA e querem ter ou já tem seu próprio negócio, eu ofereço mentoria pra ajudar a fazer o business virar realidade, ou melhorar. Saiba mais.


sua vida desenhada -

Design de vida em português

O Sua Vida Desenhada é um projeto que toco desde 2017. Lá compartilho conteúdo em português, e também ofereço Coaching e cursos (pagos e gratuitos). Saiba mais clicando aqui.