It's coming... This Is Life, Guys

podcast about life.png

So... I'm finally doing this. I'm finally starting a podcast - which is something I've been meaning to do for a while, but never with a date. Just an idea pf what it could be, who I'd invite (even), but nothing concrete. 

Well, this fall. Call me a the newest podcast host, and let me tell you: I'll bring stuff about life. Messy, fun, dark, bright, all about life. Mine and others (who will hopefully be willing to share!). I mean the lows and the wows, mental and physical health, and a little bit of humor because you don't know me, but I'm a bit of a clown, too. 

The name of the podcast? Oh yea. Very important...

This Is Life, Guys

Why? I wish I had an inspirational story, but it's actually because I needed a name. And I had this a-ha moment at this trip I did last weekend when "imitating" my dog (as if) saying "this is life, guys". Which I say all the time when she (Mel - my puppy) is with her head out of the window in the car - catching that air and pretending she's flying (at least that's what I imagine she's doing). 

I thought this would be a good name, because seriously, this is life. 
And it can be good, or bad, or both. And every single day I validate the idea that most of the time, it's up to us to decide. 

See you very soon. 

- Miss Izabelle