Transformation is Beautiful

Here are a few words from the women I had the opportunity to work with

"Feel like you're talking to a friend"

I had my sessions with Izabelle, and she has indeed helped me changed for the better. When I started with her, I was demoralised and not confident in myself, and as time passed, she has helped me see that I am as good as people say and there's nothing I should be scared of. She has helped me achieve so much. I think this was the best decision I could possibly make for myself. Izabelle is a talented coach that can assist you in life and at the same time still feel like you are talking to a friend.

- Ioana (1).png

"She was always there for me"

Before meeting Izabelle, I was completely lost and insecure about opening my own business. But after meeting her and starting doing her program, everything came together and I was able to accomplish my dream. She is an excellent person and coach! She was always there for me and was always pushing me to do my tasks. Without her I would probably be on the first step. I can't see my life without her anymore.

- Camila

Her program helped me believe myself, believe that I’m worthy, and not to let others mess with me and my mindset. Besides I learned how to reinvent myself.
— Isabela (4).png

"Belle saved me"

She’s amazing! I already admired her before because of her posts on social media. I’m a dreamer and a perfectionist, and for a while, I had a hard time to make things happen (in my life and my business). But Belle saved me.

- Beatriz (2).png

"Thanks to her, I'm up again"

Izabelle has been a fundamental role in my life. I started the Coaching program at a moment where I was doubting my potential, my skills, and her sessions brought back my fire to be better every day. Today, thanks to her, I’m up again.

- Livia